Branded ContentZero Waste Meal Kits from Fresh Prep

Zero Waste Meal Kits from Fresh Prep

Vancouver-based Meal Kit company serving up sustainability and tasty family meals:
Zero Waste Meal Kits from Fresh Prep
By Andrea Vance

Zero Waste meal kits from fresh prep

My son loves trying new things! When he finds something new and interesting, I hear about it constantly. So when he asked about meal kits after seeing an ad, we thought it was a great solution to family dinners and a week later we had one delivered. We were all excited, and that night we cooked up a storm.

The kids got the condiments and seasonings ready, Dad read out the recipe, and I started cooking. It was a fun and connecting experience with music on and everyone playing a part. After we finished our amazing dinner, though, we were surprised to find a counter filled with containers, baggies, and boxes.

The problem with meal kits, we soon realized, was what was leftover at the end: the packaging! As great as the experience was, the packaging was more than we bargained for and put us off meal prep delivery services.

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Things have evolved in a big way over the past year, and families have even more demands on them than ever. We’re all looking for a little break and a lot of help. But our past experience with other meal kits had us hesitant to try again.

Bring us to 2021, and we discovered that Vancouver-based meal kit provider, Fresh Prep has provided a solution to the problem. Earlier this month, the meal kit delivery service brought a first-of-its-kind sustainable product to market, with the launch of its Zero Waste Kit.

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The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit is a reusable meal kit container that significantly reduces waste from single-use plastic, and allows for an easier and more organized cooking experience. Delivered in Fresh Prep’s signature cooler bags, all parts of the Zero Waste Kit are made with BPA-free reusable plastic.

One of the many benefits of using the kit is that you receive pre-portioned ingredients in each compartment, resulting in no excess food waste. You’ll spend less time cutting open plastic as the kits are structured for grab-and-go cooking. And since the ingredient cups double up as measuring cups and mixing bowls, there’s instantly less of a mess for you to clean up afterwards.

Finally, a meal kit that is delicious, convenient AND sustainable! No cardboard boxes here, as deliveries are made in reusable, insulated cooler bags that are exchanged upon next delivery.

Today, families are much more aware of their footprint in the world: our cities have massive recycling programs, schools require zero-waste lunches, and we use reusable containers as much as possible. So it just makes sense that Fresh Prep is providing convenience and enjoyment at mealtime together and helping us manage our waste too.

Using a service that helps in our busy lives really adds to our quality of life. Fresh Prep provides tasty menus each week that you can choose together as a family, which means the kids get involved in the planning too.  When the meals arrive with pre-measured ingredients, it’s easy for everyone to participate in the cooking. It’s a great way for busy families to spend a little time together in the kitchen and around the dinner table!

Given the value, we’re amazed that Fresh Prep is one of the more affordable meal kit offerings having a lower price per serving and minimum order costs than competitors. As a family, we still get the same locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients and chef-quality recipes that Fresh Prep is known for, at a great price and without the waste we don’t want.

As if there wasn’t already enough to love, there is more to Fresh Prep than just meal kits. They have also added quick meals, salads, kids meals and sides to your delivery options which make great lunches and snacks too. Over 75% of ingredients and Add-on items are supplied by local companies and suppliers, and the kits are also prepared and packaged locally, to deliver fresh and high quality ingredients to people across BC.

Plus, you can gift meals to a family or friend who needs a little extra help too. We’re hooked!

Zero Waste recipes are on the Fresh Prep website now, and are gradually rolling out across the entire menu. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can preview the menu at

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