PlayWhy Parents Should Make Art With Their Kids This Summer

Why Parents Should Make Art With Their Kids This Summer

The sun may be elusive, but summer is here in BC, and with it comes a new wave of questions for parents to answer. With the looming uncertainty, parents are left asking themselves: What can we do to stay engaged this summer? With travel restrictions still in place, how will we keep the kids busy for the next two months? Are we comfortable sending our children to in-person summer camps? Try Art with Kids!

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The Current Struggles of Parents

There’s no denying that 2020 has been an unprecedented and difficult year for families. From explaining COVID-19 and why we can’t have play dates or go to school, to navigating online learning, to discussing racism, parents are being asked to do more, often while juggling working from home or being out of work completely.

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The arts have always provided solace in challenging times. Reading a book, watching a movie, doing creative crafts – these activities can provide parents and children with new perspectives on ways to approach certain topics. Creating art with kids can also provide space for you to have conversations with your children and give them a new medium in which to explore what they are thinking and feeling. Not sure where to start?

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Where to Start

This summer, many arts education organizations are providing a mix of online and in-person classes. While online education is still new territory for many businesses and families, the same inspiring educators and curriculum are being offered in new formats to accommodate varying needs. From drawing and painting to digital art, and from acting, singing, and dancing to writing, children can spend their summer building a foundation in technique and in compassion.

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What tools will you give your child to remember this time by? 2020 will be a year studied in schools, and written about by economists, scientists, and policy makers. It will be a year that inspired new art, writing, plays, and choreography. It will shape your children and their futures. How will they emerge? Through creating art with your kids, they can emerge with tools for collaboration, critical thinking skills, increased self-confidence, and creativity.

The Arts Umbrella Summer Session starts July 6, 2020. With a mix of outdoor, online, and in-person classes for young people ages 3-19, there are options to suit every family’s schedule and needs. Taught by artist-instructors, following a rich curriculum, and using high-quality supplies, Summer Session at Arts Umbrella is an inspiring way to develop your child’s technique and creativity in Art & Design, Theatre, and Dance. Bursaries are available to support families through these challenging financial times. Learn More

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