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Why Kids Should Go To Camp!

All children should attend summer camp…period!  The benefits of enrolling in summer camp might seem obvious –physical activity and social interaction, but there is so much more to summer camp.  Let’s start with the obvious.  Kids need to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  Studies show that children who develop good habits of an active and healthy lifestyle are much more likely to live an active and healthy lifestyle as an adult.  At most summer camps, children get to participate in a variety of activities, sports and recreation.  They say children should have at least 20 minutes a daily physical activity but at camps, they often get much, much more than this. What about the social skills learned at camp?  Sure, they interact with their peers in a school setting throughout the year but its under a structured format.  At camp, kids get to interact and socialize with other children their age in a very different way and often in a less structured format.  Often they meet new friends at camp that they never had a chance to meet at their own school.  A camp environment also provides an opportunity for children to become independent, build confidence and problem solve – key life skills that are so invaluable to today’s youth.  Teamwork and team building is another amazing skill that campers experience at camp as they’re often working together to achieve a communal goal.  Are you tired of all the ‘screen-time’?  Time to get outdoors, away from the screens that seem to hypnotize kids into burning hours upon hours of sitting time.  A camp atmosphere often cultivates creativity within the children participating.  Creativity is a tremendous skill to develop as a child as it often diminishes over time if not exercised on a regular basis.

Whether is an overnight or day camp, music camp or sports camp…you just can’t overestimate the fantastic benefits of attending summer camp as a child.  All children should attend summer camp…period! 

The Royal Soccer Club is excited to host our 32nd year of hosting summer soccer camps this summer.  Having hosted over 300,000 children, our grassroots soccer camps have become the most popular in Canada.   Our program is designed to promote personal development, skill development, team building and of course, FUN!  Our camp program is uniquely designed to offer a soccer focus in the mornings and a leisure swim with other camp activities in the afternoons.  We encourage all children between the ages of 5 and 13 to register for full day or morning sessions.  We also offer fully supervised extended care early drop off and late pickup times.  Our camps operate during the months of July and August.  Check us out at  royalsoccerclub.com or call 1-800-427-0536.  

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