Walking In A Dream: An Exclusive Look At The Vallea Lumina Night Walk In Whistler

The sun has gone down, and as the trees become shadowy silhouettes against the bright night sky, we step into the darkness. As we trek deeper into the trees, our ears fill with the sounds of wildlife – owls hooting, crickets stridulating, coyotes softly yelping in the distance. As we make our way up a steep, dimly-lit dirt path, we hear singing, but can’t quite make out the words. Suddenly, a flock of fireflies appears above our heads, creating a trail in the sky, urging us to follow them. Curious, we proceed deeper into the darkness, unaware of the magic that lies ahead.

While this may sound like the beginning of a dream, it is in fact how the adventure begins when you experience the newly-launched Vallea Lumina multimedia night walk, now on at the site of The Adventure Group, on Cougar Mountain just outside of Whistler. Part of a multi-city series created by Montreal-based The Moment Factory, this enchanting experience combines the sounds of a Cirque du Soleil soundtrack, with high-tech light and video technology, and the magic and wonder of the woods that surround Whistler.

As you stroll along the trails, you follow the journey of a father-daughter duo – the legend of two long-ago hikers – and see what they discover in the depths of the forest. Through stunning visuals, soothing songs, and curious clues, you’ll uncover the mysteries that surround you.

Here’s a video clip that shows a little taste of what you can expect from the Lumina Night Walks (note: this video does not include the newest instalment in Whistler):

What you need to know before you go:

  • The walk is approximately 1.5 kms (takes about 50 minutes to complete), with some steep hills and dirt paths, so wear comfortable closed-toed shoes
  • Book your tickets in advance (you can buy them online here)
  • There is no parking at the site, so you will need to take a complimentary shuttle
  • You’ll want to check the bookings page for showtimes
  • Best for kids 6 or older as trails can be steep and the walk is long for little legs
  • The trail is not stroller friendly

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