LearnA High School Experience like Never Before

A High School Experience like Never Before

Prepare for a high school experience like never before

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree now introduces Secondary grades.
by Paul Romani, Pear Tree School
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Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary

Pear Tree Elementary school is expanding from being a K-7 school to offering high school grades, starting with grade 8 this September.

Say ‘hello’ to Pear Tree Secondary

Pear Tree isn’t content with simply helping their students ace the new provincial exams; they want them to become their best selves and to help equip them with everything they need to succeed in life.

“You undersell what you offer here”

As happiness and success aren’t just a matter of getting good grades, Pear Tree takes a truly whole-child approach. They will help students develop and optimize their academic abilities, social skills, emotional strengths, and physical talents.

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Normally schools have one selling feature. Pear Tree has a list longer than your arm.

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary

Academically, Pear Tree students have a mind-blowing learning experience, with all learning being done through themes. These themes blend together traditionally separate school subjects and connect them to real-life to make them meaningful, enjoyable, and challenging. Connected to this is the use of project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and problem-based learning.

Just because learning is so much fun at Pear Tree, don’t think it’s easy; it’s not. In fact, learning has never been more challenging. Why? Because learning in context is far more challenging than traditional rote learning approaches.

At this school, students become proficient readers, but you won’t find a textbook in sight! Instead, students read real books, nonfiction, and fiction alike, all in the context of themes.

This just may be the most advanced education method available in Vancouver.

Pear Tree recognizes that success isn’t something achieved alone. It’s a team effort. Most schools condition students to work independently so that they can be assessed individually, which sets them up for failure in the real world where they have to work together. Here, most learning is done collaboratively in teams.

“You’d have to be crazy not to study here!”

Students need to learn to play different roles, to negotiate, to explain their point of view, to appreciate the ideas of others, to be kind and respectful of others and to bring out the best in teammates – in other words, Pear Tree students learn to become effective leaders.

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary

One of the benefits of private schooling is the social networking aspect. But limited diversity at some elite schools does not provide an experience that is representative of the real world. Instead, Pear Tree students are networked with amazing, motivated peers – all with different talents – who may one day end up collaborating on their dream projects, whether it is starting a business, solving injustices in society, addressing environmental issues, or even overcoming the cost of living in this city.

Passing tests? That’s easy.
Pear Tree students have got even bigger fish to fry.

Physically, Pear Tree recognizes the importance of healthy living. Students participate in 1 hour of physical education every day. That’s 5 hours per week! The school offers a diverse range of sports and activities, many of which are not offered at any other private school, including volleyball, tennis, softball, yoga, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, and so much more.

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary

Healthy living is also a passion at this school, knowing that what your child eats and drinks determines their academic, social-emotional and physical performance. Food that is only 50% healthy means that your child will only perform to 50% of their potential. Therefore, healthy eating is critical to your child’s life chances. That’s why Pear Tree has a mandatory healthy hot lunch program that provides a morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon snack to every student – all prepared fresh in-house, from scratch, by the school’s amazing chef, Borja Serrano.

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary Hot Lunch program chef

And, just like the hot lunch program, the school’s community has all the best ingredients; it is inspiring, ambitious, motivated, and nurturing.

Everyone here contributes to helping everyone else become their best selves.

“I never knew a school like this existed. Thank you!”

Pear Tree’s masters-qualified teachers are not just expert educators, but they lead by example. They are dedicated to the whole-child approach and forming powerful connections with their students. They do personalized goal setting for every student – and not just academic goals, but also socio-emotional and physical goals. Goals are challenging but achievable. They are designed to ensure that every student is continually improving.

Students here are not just intelligent, but kind, respectful, hardworking, and talented. They know that to succeed in life, they not only need to be their best selves, but they need to work with people, not against them.

Top Private School Vancouver Pear Tree Elementary Secondary Hot Lunch program chef

To join this school, students’ families must also have these attributes. Yes, even the parents are considered an essential part of a student’s success. Interestingly, it’s often parents who can find Pear Tree the most challenging. Parents are continually educated about their advanced learning approaches because they never experienced anything like this; they didn’t think such a school could exist!

If this is what you always imagined for your child’s education, book an in-person private tour, available now.

Visit this Top Private School in Vancouver now:

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