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Spring Forward: Shake Those Winter Cobwebs Off & Embrace Spring

As we emerge from a strange winter with record-breaking low temperatures, it’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and get ready for the vibrancy of the season ahead. If you and your family were mostly hibernating this winter, it’s time for you to spring forward with gusto!

Reflect on the Past Season

Before you move into spring, take a moment to reminisce about your winter adventures as a family. Whether you had fun days on snowy slopes or simply cozied up by the fire every night with a good book, celebrate all the awesome memories and lessons learned from the chilly season.

Set Some Intentions

Spring is practically exploding with possibilities, so why not get together as a family to set some awesome intentions for this season? Pick some to do individually, and some together as a family. Whether it’s learning the fine art of flower arranging, taking a new dance or yoga class or heading out on a spontaneous road trip, let your imagination run wild with fun adventures you could jump into.

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Be Mindful of the Season

Bring some mindfulness into your springtime routine! Try meditating or practicing yoga outdoors surrounded by chirping birds and the smell of blooming flowers, or practice mindful eating by savouring every bite of your favourite seasonal treat. Being present in the moment doesn’t have to be serious—simply ensure everyone slows down and enjoys their surroundings.

Plant a Garden

Involve the kids in planting a garden filled with colourful flowers, aromatic herbs and delicious fruits and vegetables. Watching their seeds sprout and grow will not only teach them about the wonders of nature but also instill a sense of responsibility and pride. Plus, food you’ve grown always tastes better!

Embrace Colour

Colour can uplift your mood and infuse your day with joy. Around the house, swap out any heavy blankets for colourful throw blankets in a lighter fabric, change your shower curtain to a bright spring scene and change up everyone’s bedding to complement the sunshine streaming in the windows. Use a variety of plants and flowers around your house to add the colours and smells of spring.

Feast on Seasonal Flavours

Visit a farmers’ market together or use the delicious goods you’ve grown in your garden to make a spring feast. Dive into a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies and experiment with fresh herbs and spices. Get everyone in the kitchen and get creative with smoothie bowls, salads and other light and refreshing meals that leave you feeling energized and alive.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by getting everyone outside into nature! Take a hike through a scenic trail, walk along the waterfront, have a picnic in the park, plan a nature scavenger hunt or simply soak in the sunshine and feel the grass under your bare feet.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Spring is a season of renewal and creativity, making it the perfect time to unleash your inner artist. Whether you’re painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting, writing poetry or creating some new dance moves, artistic expression can be awakening for the soul. Set aside some time to explore different ways to be inspired and encourage everyone in your family to embrace their own ingenuity. Let your imagination run wild!

Laugh Lots

Laughter releases tension, boosts mood and strengthens social bonds, making it an important ingredient for mental and emotional well-being. Seek out opportunities to share some laughs as a family, with friends or watch movies or TV shows that hit your funny bone.

Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering allows you to connect with others who share many of the same values you have, make a positive impact and cultivate a sense of purpose. Whether you’re planting trees, cleaning up parks or helping at a local shelter, volunteering can uplift your spirits and foster a sense of belonging. Plan to volunteer together as a family or have everyone choose their own opportunity.

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