PlaySensory Play: Fun With A Foam Bubble Bin

Sensory Play: Fun With A Foam Bubble Bin

Sensory Play by Jen Kossowan

We know that beyond being fun, sensory play is really beneficial for our little ones.  It’s open-ended and child-led, it allows children to learn about their world, it helps them develop their motor skills, it encourages problem solving, and it fosters independence and imagination, among other things.  Talk about the power of play, hey?

child using benefits of sensory play

And the best part? Sensory play can be very simple and easy to pull together.

Easy Sensory Play Idea

One of our favourite sensory play invitations is a shallow bin filled with thick, luscious bubble foam.  If you’ve never experienced it before, it’s amazing.  It’s “pillowy” soft, light, and magical, and making it couldn’t be easier.

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supplies for sensory play for toddlers

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Bubble bath (we love the Fragrance Free Bubble Bath by Babyganics because it’s tear-free, non-allergenic, and made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients)

– Warm water

– Colouring (food colouring, kids’ paint, or liquid watercolours will all work)

– A hand mixer or stand mixer

– A mixing bowl (if using a hand mixer)

– A large shallow bin

supplies for sensory play for toddlers

Okay, now to make it!

1. Add 1 cup of warm water and 2 generous tablespoons of Babyganics Bubble Bath to your mixing bowl or stand mixer bowl.

2. Add a little bit of colouring.

3. Start your mixer on medium and then crank it up to high once bubbles start to form.

4. Continue mixing on high for 2 minutes. You want your bubbles to form peaks when you lift the beaters out and there to be very little water left in the bottom of the bowl when done.

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5. Gently transfer your bubble foam into your bin and repeat the process to make bubble

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foam in other colours if you wish. (I usually make 3 batches for a sensory bin full of bubble foam.)

And that’s it!  Now let your little one enjoy.

Additional Sensory Play Ideas

Looking for some fun additions to stretch out your bubble foam play? Try ball pit balls, giant pompoms, sponges, whisks, wooden spoons, plastic cups, or my personal fave – a water-friendly babydoll and a little washcloth.

Ready for the BEST tip? You know how bubbles in a tub will slowly disappear over time? Well the same will eventually happen as your little one enjoys their bubble foam, but when it does, simply pop your mixer directly into your sensory bin and give the contents a good whip to bring the bubble foam right back to life,  And if you’ve used a stand mixer, simply transfer the liquid from the base of your sensory bin back into the stand mixer, give it another good mix, and it’ll be good as new!

For more simple, engaging play ideas for little ones, check out the Babyganics online Play Book created specifically for little ones 2 and under in mind at:

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