Ruben’s Shoes Society Celebrates National Make A Difference Day

Imagine as a parent, not having enough to provide the basic necessities for your children. Imagine putting your kids to bed at night with empty stomachs because there’s never enough food. Imagine struggling every day to find clean water for your family. Imagine not being able to send your kids to school, where they’ll get the education they need to break the cycle of poverty, because there’s no money for school fees or uniforms. Then imagine the helplessness you would feel knowing that your kids were destined for the same life you’re living.

Rueben’s Shoes Society is a local charity that provides education and opportunity for vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic. On October 23, they want you to help change the narrative for the parents and children who live in this cycle of poverty by helping to raise awareness and funds for these families in need. Visit #NationalMakeADifferenceDay on October 23 to follow along and show your support, and make a donation anytime to help empower the next generation of leaders and break the cycle of poverty.

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