Play5 Online Art Lessons For Creative Tweens

5 Online Art Lessons For Creative Tweens

Art promotes creativity, confidence, and calmness in kids – a great way to keep your tweens busy as you spend your days hunkered down indoors.

There are fun virtual art programs circulating for younger kids, like the daily lunch doodle sessions currently being hosted by famed children’s author Mo Willems, but what about the older kids, who might be interested in art but are too old or experienced for the beginner sketch sessions?

Our publisher went on a search to find art sessions for her tween and came up with great options to share. Entertain your tweens with these engaging online art sessions for older kids, and maybe you’ll have some new masterpieces to decorate your walls while you’re stuck at home.

1) Get wild with watercolours

watercolor painting with westcoast family

Watch as an artist creates a watercolour masterpiece of a mountainside lake in a music-filled time-lapse video, and then have your tween or teen take a turn too! Start Painting

2) Draw design doodles with these 5-minute hacks for beginners

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hacks for drawing with westcoast kids

Learn how to draw Zentangle art designs, doodle fashionable dresses, or put patterns on paper with these quick and easy 5-minute doodle hacks. Watch Now

3) Collage, smear, and smudge paint to create crafty works of art

art techniques for westcoast kids

Go beyond the brush with these crafty ways to play with paint and create truly unique works of art in minutes! From thread paint, to one-stroke art, these techniques are sure to impress your tweens. Get Crafty

4) Make awesome abstract art with these quick tips

abstract art tweens

Learn how to do swirl paint, use tape to create unique designs, or switch it up by using glue or string to create your masterpiece! This video shares 12 easy painting hacks to help you make beautiful art creations – without the mess. Get Started

5) Take your art to the next level with these painting tips

art tweens painting

Grab a paint brush and take a try at these next-level painting techniques, then decorate your walls with your dazzling drawings. This artist shares 9 different painting ideas that you can use as wall decor once complete. Check It Out

Looking for more ways to keep your cooped-up kids entertained? Check out this post on how to stay connected with the world while you’re stuck on the couch, featuring some cool live web cams and virtual tours that you can explore together as a family.

For more great activities, tips and resources, check out our latest issue! You can read the full March/April issue of WestCoast Families magazine online here.

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