You’re Invited to “No Limits”

No Limits on January 28.
An inspired virtual event for anyone looking to raise themselves up in 2021.

WestCoast Families readers, you are invited to No Limits on January 28. An inspired virtual event for anyone looking to raise themselves up in 2021. PLUS three more events to keep you motivated into 2021.

What’s it all about?

A new year calls for new goals, this time bigger than ever. What are your goals for this month? Year? Life? Maybe you aren’t sure yet.

One thing you can be sure of is yourself. You know better than anyone what you want. So let’s start goal planning with No Limits.

No Limits is a digital celebrity workshop tailored with your goal setting needs in mind. The saying “start small” is true, but it doesn’t stop there.  This is the hottest online event of the year, so join WestCoast Families for this fabulous occasion.

No Limits! Tutorial Segments

  • Getting Shit Done 101
  • Goal Setting
  • Handling the Naysayers
  • Advice From a Power Couple
  • Total Confidence – Owning the Room
  • Beauty from the Inside Out
  • Winning in All Areas of Your Life!

Celebrity Panel Speakers

Marisol Nichols Actress, opening speaker at the Modern Day Wife No Limits Event
Marisol Nichols

Marisol Nichols – Actress: Opening Speaker

Aly Armstrong – Event Producer – Getting Shit Done

Monique Samuels – Real Housewives Star –

Keeping It All Together

Cara Jourdan – Influencer – Total Confidence: Owning the Room

Lindsay McCormick – Sports Broadcaster – How To Keep Your Smile On

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson – Entrepreneur – Vital Business Hacks For Growing Your Business

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Future Events

February: Fuel Your Fire

March: New Season, New You

All Three Events for only $60


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