HealthNeed More Time? zenGOT Can Help.

Need More Time? zenGOT Can Help.

You’re busy getting dinner ready and you’ve just stepped on the same LEGO brick for the fourth time. The sharp pain jolts you back to the reality that, amongst all the shopping trips, house cleaning, meal prepping, and helping with schoolwork, you haven’t actually had any time to sit down and connect with your kids, let alone fit in a workout. 

Whether you’re the parent of an infant, toddler, tween, teen or adult, being a parent is demanding. The daily demands of parenting can make it difficult to find time to do other things that you enjoy.

Enter, a new website dedicated to helping you buy time for yourself or others by providing on-demand home services by trusted, qualified and affordable home service providers (“zenGivers”).

zenGOT is the brainchild of Vancouver-based entrepreneur and mother to two teenage boys and a special needs daughter. With such a busy life, Catherine wasn’t finding time for some of the other activities that brought her joy.

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Says Catherine, “I knew there had to be a better way and that I wasn’t the only one experiencing a shortage of time. I wanted more freedom to do what I enjoy with the people I love.”

In fact, Catherine was speaking to a phenomenon that scientists have labeled “time famine”. A 2017 study, led by Harvard Business School researcher Dr. Ashley Whillans, found that people who are time stressed can feel less happy, be more anxious, experience poor sleep, and even suffer obesity. Conversely, people who spent money on time-saving services experienced greater happiness.

To help combat the time crunch, zenGOT, using a business model akin to those of Airbnb and Uber, offers busy people a range of services including errand running, cleaning, handy person work, yard work, pet services, organizing, elder assistance and more.

Says Catherine, “It’s so gratifying! Everyone gets to enjoy a better quality of life whether it’s the customer, the zenGiver or the recipient of a virtual zenGOT Gift Card that can be bought online instantly and sent virtually to friends and loved ones.”

Life is too short to not spend quality time with your kids. Why not buy yourself a few hours and let someone else clean up the LEGO toys?

zenGOT is launched in Vancouver and Calgary and onboarding zenGivers (service providers) in Toronto and Edmonton. Ready to send you Helping Hands, On-Demand!
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