Love Food Hate Waste Canada campaign encourages Canadians to combat food waste this holiday season

The Love Food Hate Waste Canada campaign helps Canadians make the most of the food they love. Delivered by the National Zero Waste Council in collaboration with campaign partners, it is Canada’s leading resource to help people prevent food waste at home. Through the website, consumers can learn helpful tips like how to level up turkey leftovers, and canning creations to save and reuse leftovers.

Canada’s 2.2 million tonnes of avoidable household food waste is equivalent to 9.8 million tonnes of CO2 and 2.1 million cars on the road. Research conducted by the National Zero Waste Council found that 63% of the food Canadians throw away at home could have been eaten. Vegetables and fruit top the list – for example, every day in Canada 2,400,000 potatoes and over 1,225,000 apples are wasted.

Campaign partners include the City of Toronto, City of Vancouver, City of Winnipeg, RECYC- QUÉBEC, the Capital Regional District, Metro Vancouver, and Walmart Canada.

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