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Let Spring In

Spring is a time to take action!

There is something refreshing and rejuvenating about this season. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the rabbits are frolicking and plants are sprouting. It makes you want to shake off the winter dust and get moving.

Maybe you will be motivated to go out for a hike, explore a local garden or play in a new playground. Put down those screens and read a book that will motivate you to move. Walk to the store instead of driving and take the time to notice the trees, birds and creatures along the way.

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Spring is a season of renewal and creativity, making it the perfect time to unleash your inner artist. Be inspired by your own ingenuity and let your imagination run wild!

“Getting moving” can be done in other ways too. Why not take this opportunity to start volunteering as a family at an organization you are passionate about? Help raise money for a cause that is close to your heart. Philanthropy can be a great way to put a spring in your step.

Or be inspired to move towards better health with a spring cleaning of your diet. No more heavy meals. Allow the fresh produce of spring to flush out your system and energize you.

Speaking of spring cleaning, take the time to open the windows in your home and let out the stale winter air. Clean out a few closets to make room for new clothes for everyone in the family. Have a spring-cleaning party with the kids and crank up the tunes while you tackle those hard-to-reach, often-forgotten areas of your home. Refresh your mess!

Let spring in and really embrace the season. Whatever it means to you, spring is the time for a fresh start so get moving in the way that’s right for your family.

– Stacie Gaetz

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