ExploreJourney Into the Arctic With Science World’s Newest Feature Exhibition

Journey Into the Arctic With Science World’s Newest Feature Exhibition

Journey Into the Arctic With Science World’s Newest Feature Exhibition

The Arctic may seem like a distant, unfamiliar place. But actually, we’re deeply connected to this fascinating — and fragile — region. With Arctic Voices, a new feature exhibition, Science World takes children, parents and families on a riveting journey over the tundra to learn all about the plants, animals, and people of the world’s northernmost biome. Arctic Voices begins on February 11th, and is open to experience at Science World 7 days a week, from 10am to 5pm.

Science World Presents Arctic Voices The Exhibition That Takes Visitors On An Immersive Journey Into The Arctic This interactive new gallery, presented by RBC with supporting partner Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, encourages visitors to explore the Arctic through the people, animals and plants that live there

Visitors will connect with the Arctic’s remarkable animals, the resilient people who live there, and the dedicated scientists who study its unique ecosystem. But they’ll also explore the impact of the changing climate in the far North through parts of its landscape, from land, to sea, to ice.

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“It’s important to realize the impact our actions have on lands near and far,” said Tracy Redies, Science World’s President and CEO. “The Arctic is important to all of us and this exhibition makes the connection to help us understand the impact of our actions.”

Arctic Voices is an immersive experience of this fascinating, changing part of the world. Kids of all ages (and parents too) can dance with auroras, hop on ice floes and learn about the Arctic through many voices: its people, ecology, wildlife and their way of life.

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There are many interactive elements throughout the 8,000 square foot exhibition that are engaging, educational and fun for both young children, teens and adults.

Appreciate the wonder of Arctic whales in a beautiful, relaxing experience at Whales in the Arctic Theatre. Then visit interactive exhibit stations to learn more about what makes each Arctic whale species a special part of the Arctic’s delicate ecosystem.

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At Arctic Animal Adaptations, kids and parents get to take on the role of scientific researchers, studying Arctic animals. In this multiplayer, participatory quiz game, players will practice interpreting the behaviours of these unique animals.

Real skull and claw specimens are on display in the Bear Facts activity station. Visitors can compare the paws, claws, and jaws of the three North American Arctic bears, and get a sense for how magnificent and powerful these huge creatures are in real life.

Arctic Voices brings us close to a region that often seems isolated or even empty. By interacting with the unique animals, plants, people and landscapes of the Arctic, kids and families learn firsthand that the North is actually beautiful, full of life and in a delicate balance with the rest of our world. Visitors will leave awestruck and inspired to keep on protecting this precious region of Canada’s ecosystem.

Arctic Voices was developed by Science North and presented by RBC with supporting partner Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. “It was important for us to work with an organization who considers both scientists and Indigenous peoples as sources of credible knowledge for Arctic research,” said Martin Thibodeau, RBC Regional President. “RBC is thrilled to support an exhibition where Vancouverites can create a relationship with the people and places of the Arctic and the integral role they play in our future.”

Arctic Voices begins February 11, and is open at Science World 7 days a week, 10 am to 5 pm. Science World is a COVID-19 safe family activity, with plenty of enhanced safety and sanitation measures in place.

Journey Into the Arctic With Science World
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