PlayGo Play Outside: Go Birding Along the Pacific Flyway

Go Play Outside: Go Birding Along the Pacific Flyway

To highlight the cultural, natural, and culinary gems found in and around Richmond, a new collection of experiences has been released—a great way for visitors to explore the lesser-known local attractions found in the area.


As part of a new collaboration between Destination BC and the Veneto Collaboratory, Tourism Richmond is encouraging visitors to discover the “real” Richmond through immersive experiences like Birding 101, where you and your kids can take a try at birding on a guided tour with Liron Gertsman, a local ornithologist and expert birder, through a world-class birding hotspot, where over 300 species of birds can be discovered along Richmond’s “Pacific Flyway.” Learn more about this and other great Richmond tours on the newly-released Pacific. Authentic. Experiences website.

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