6 Great Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses in Canada

This holiday season, we encourage you to consider these gift ideas from women-owned businesses in Canada. We’ve found some amazing examples of what can come out of creativity and hard work, with products that are perfect for gift-giving or a personal treat.

6 Great Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses in Canada

Bartholomew Sisters Handmade Skincare ProductsBartholomew Sisters Handmade Skincare Products gift ideas for her for christmas

Growing up in West Africa Ghana, Amandla learned the importance of moisturizing her skin daily. But it wasn’t until later in life when she learned how to make her own creams from pure unrefined shea from Ghana.  Bartholomew Sisters’ facial cleansers, hair pomade, and body butters are all made by hand in Pickering, Ontario. ($22)


Browluxe Precision Brow Pencil and ShaperBrowluxe Precision Brow Pencil and Shaper for her gift idea

Featured in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide in the WestCoast Families November Holiday issue, this line of brow pencils founded by Giovanna Minenna of Winnipeg is focused on quality and value. As a professional makeup artist, Giovanna designed a product that she could recommend and use for her clients.  This pencil shades perfectly, is precise and versatile, and can last through any work day or work out! ($22)


Seeding Squares For Gardeningseeding squares gardening gift ideas for christmas

Jennifer Pratt from Surrey created Seeding Squares with her husband after learning about the popular method of Square Foot Gardening. Jennifer’s goal is to make planting fun and easy to do, while saving gardeners’ time and money. Seeding Square planted gardens can grow a lot of food in a small space, minimize pesky weeds, and use less water. The key is in the perfect spacing of the seeds and seedlings. It also helps encourage kids to learn more about where their food comes from! ($33)


Oojra CandlesOojra Candle gift ideas for her for christmas

Oojra was started by CJ Lemky of Kelowna to help people create spaces that elevate their mood, make them happier, more connected, creative and productive, and enable authentic expression with their line of destination-inspired aromatherapy. These products are healthy, stylish and environmentally friendly: paraffin free, paraben free, phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and do not have many of the common chemicals found in other scent brands that are detrimental to your health. The packaging is recyclable and can be repurposed too!  ($30 and up)


Comfy Moda BootsModa Boots unique gift ideas

Lina Shang worked in the footwear industry in China before moving to Canada and taking a job in administration. In 2003, after having her second child, Lina looked to starting her own business from home, and explored the shoe business she knew from experience. Comfy Moda boots are stylish, comfortable and practical, offering a waterproof design with the warmth of fur, seam-sealed construction, memory foam insoles and natural rubber outsoles to keep toes super warm and dry!  ($90 and up)



Mumo Home DecorMumo home decor products unique gift ideas

Working with international artisans, Salma Elmaghrabi of Toronto, started her home decor business four years ago after studying and wanting to turn her creative ideas into finished products. Mumo features 100% eco-friendly, trendy home decor products, supporting the earth with sustainable products, natural materials like cotton and wool. Featuring colour and size customization, each Kilim rug or pillow cover is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted using old weaving techniques on a pedal loom. ($90 and up)


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