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Getting Your Kids Off Their Screens & Into Nature

These days it’s become all too easy for kids to spend most of their time looking at screens. From phones and tablets to video games and TV, screens are everywhere. However, it’s important for us parents to encourage our kids to spend more time outside in nature and less time on their screens. Here are some reasons why we need to act now:

Their Physical Health Will Improve. Spending time outside and being active is extremely important for a child’s physical health. According to the CDC, kids should be getting a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every single day. Outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and playing sports can help kids stay active.

So Will Their Mental Health. Too much screen time has been linked to a variety of mental health issues in children, including anxiety and depression. Spending time outside in nature can help alleviate these symptoms and improve a child’s overall mental health.

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They’ll Experience More Creativity. When kids are outside, they have a fantastic opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in a way that’s not possible with screens. Whether they’re building forts, exploring new areas, or just playing tag with friends, being outside can inspire creativity.

Stress Levels Will Lower. Screens can be overstimulating and stressful for kids, particularly if they’re playing competitive video games or seeing violence on the news. Spending more time outside in nature has been shown to reduce stress levels in children and promote relaxation.

They’ll Gain a Strong Connection to Nature. Kids who spend time outside and in nature develop a stronger connection to the natural world. This can lead to a greater appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect it and teach others to protect it, too.

They’ll Develop Solid Social Skills. Spending time outside with friends and family can help kids develop important social skills, like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Whether they’re simply going on a hike, or hanging out at the beach, being outside with others provides opportunities for social interaction and learning.

It’s Educational. Being outside and experiencing nature can be a wonderful way for kids to learn about the world around them. Whether they’re learning about plants, animals, ocean life, seasonal changes, or weather patterns, being outside can be an engaging and interactive way to learn about science and the environment.

So, what can parents do to encourage their kids to spend more time outside? Here are a few helpful tips:

Lead by Example. If parents are spending all their time on screens, their children will likely emulate that. Make a point of spending more time outside yourself and show your kids that nature can be fun and engaging.

Plan a Variety of Outdoor Activities. It can be a short walk around the neighbourhood after dinner, or something longer like visiting a park or taking a camping trip but planning several different outdoor activities can help get kids excited about spending time outside.

Set Limits on Screen Time. There’s no need to limit screens completely if you don’t want to. Kids can watch educational videos, video chat with their loved ones, and play games that help them learn new skills and incorporate teamwork. However, it’s important to set some healthy limits around screen time and encourage them to engage in other activities.

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