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Fright Nights Return


Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure of a lifetime at the returned Fright Nights! From October 6th to the 31st, the PNE will once again be transformed into a terrifying Halloween-themed experience. Experience haunted houses that will leave you screaming for more. Brave spine-chilling roller coasters that defy gravity. Marvel at a hauntingly beautiful wonderland of ghostly atmosphere and creepy gothic d├ęcor. And enjoy haunting live performances meant both to wow and scare. If you’ve had enough scares, turn your attention instead to a ghoulish selection of food and treats. Such spooky cuisine will surely satisfy your desire for sweets and thrills.

But that’s not all! Beware the return of Carn-Evil, where in the dark sewers beneath our very feet dwells the stuff of nightmares: evil clowns. Dare to brave The Void, a new horror attraction that has you taking on the roles of new park rangers sent to find missing teens in the mysterious Howling Caverns, home to horrific beasts whose horrific sounds have earned the caves their namesake, or so the rumors go.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate Halloween adventure. Get your tickets opening weekend for 30$ only and prepare for a heart-pounding, scream-inducing experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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Fright Nights is recommended for people 13 years and older. Guests are not permitted to wear costumes or costume makeup.

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