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What do bubble blowing, hula hoops and a super soaker have in common? We dare you to do them all at once for the ultimate summer challenge! Then relax and catch your breath in the hammock and find your way back indoors once the sun sets using the owl lamp to light your way!

Fisher Price Bubble Blower

Kids can get sudsy in the sunshine while helping “mow” the lawn with the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower! This outdoor push toy looks and sounds like a real lawnmower. As toddlers roll it along grass, sidewalk or imaginary lava, the pretend motor spins and silly bubbles fly all around.

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Canyon Hoops Kids Hula Hoops

These hoops will stand up to the punishment of many hours of hooping, pulling, spinning and whatever else your child’s imagination can come up with. Sized and weighted perfectly to withstand hours of imaginative play and available in a variety of styles, colors, patterns and bright decorative tapes that kids love.

Nerf Super Soaker Squall Surge

Stand back or get ready to get soaked—the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day! This squirt gun can shoot a stream of water farther than 10 metres and the gun’s half-litre reservoir is great for sustained play without being unwieldy when completely full.

Vivere Double Cacoon Hammock

The Vivere Double Cacoon was made for sharing relaxation. With a hanging system included and no tools required for assembly, two people will be able to fully stretch out in the new Cacoon in a matter of minutes. Available in a variety of colours, this hammock is sure to be the highlight of any yard or bedroom.

Aubllo Toys Owl Headlamp

This headlamp helps kids observe nature and build science concepts that get so overlooked indoors—by day and at night! Go on a night hike and have your hands free to explore what you find.

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