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To submit a story idea or query:

Please send a brief description of your proposal, your experience, and a writing sample via email to [email protected]. Please let us know if the proposal is time-sensitive. If you are writing a story on a particular issue or news topic, please include a list of research references and sources for quotes. The editor reserves the right to contact any and all references at any time to verify any information in the article.

Please send all completed articles in Microsoft Office Word files, Times New Roman 12 pt font, single-spaced.

Please read through the following carefully before submitting editorial queries or proposals.

WestCoast Families Magazine is a free, full-colour, full-gloss family and parenting magazine, published eight times per year in British Columbia, Canada. Our publication promotes the unique, vibrant West Coast lifestyle popular among today’s parents. Our readers are generally well-educated, affluent families with children ranging in age from birth to early teens. They are free thinkers, socially conscious, environmentally aware and eager for the best in everything, be it the latest non-plastic baby bottles and toys, organic products and foods, high quality children’s wear, or outdoor activities that take advantage of BC’s natural beauty. WestCoast Mom is a publication dedicated exclusively to parents and is published within every issue of WCF. Topics of interest include women’s health, relationship and dating issues for married and single parents, fashion, interior design, profiles, and work/life balance. The Baby Guide is an annual magazine that is distributed throughout the year, focusing on new and expecting parents and baby’s first year.  Light and informative, this publication includes cool finds, resource listings, fun information, local advertisers, and special offers for readers.

Our editorial lineup is planned out months in advance, so please be aware that time-sensitive content may not be appropriate and be sure to read our editorial calendar in advance. All queries should be related to families, parents, or children and should be relevant to Canadian readers, particularly in the BC area.  We accept freelance queries for regular columns (Health, Travel, Finance, etc), as well as features and profiles. Please view our Editorial Calendar to get a better feel for our content before submitting a query.

Please Note:  WCF only accepts editorial submissions and queries via email. Because we are a small office and receive many such queries, we can only respond to those writers we are interested in working with.  If we have not replied to your proposal within 6-8 weeks, feel free to submit your ideas to another publication. We do not publish reprints.

Further Details for Editorial Work

If you are a subject-matter expert in a particular field and work in that field (i.e. a financial adviser writing about investments; a registered nutritionist writing about healthy eating habits, etc) then please be aware that we do not accept articles that only highlight or promote your business. All editorial in the magazine must be objective, balanced, and represent a variety of opinions, experts or businesses in a particular field. We will not publish articles merely to promote a single business or service.

Payment is negotiated once a proposal has been accepted, and is based on the length of the article, the amount of research involved and the experience of the writer.

The deadline for articles (and photos) is set by the editor once the story is assigned to the writer. Story length can be anywhere from 600 to 1,200 words. The editor reserves the right to terminate the work on any article in progress if the article is no longer relevant or needed. If a completed article approved for publication is not published within one year of submission, then the writer will receive a 50% kill fee. Stories may not be submitted to any publication defined by WCF as sharing the same market area as WCF without prior written approval.

WCF follows the Chicago Manual of Style and Canadian Oxford Dictionary for spelling, grammar, and writing style. Please make sure that your work follows the guidelines set out in the these guides and that you use Canadian spelling and grammar at all times.

Thank You!
WestCoast Families Magazine

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