What To Do When Your Kid Wants To Become A Vegetarian

So your child has decided to become a vegetarian. Here's how you can support their choices while ensuring they stay nourished.

5 Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Want your kids to eat vegetables? We've got some tips to help your little ones gobble up their greens (and actually like it).

Your Guide To BC’s Best Farmers’ Markets

With over 145+ farmers' markets across BC, how do you where which one is best in your region? Here are 5 vendors that you'll want to check out.

3 Surprisingly Healthy, On-The-Go Snack Recipes For Active Kids

Keep your kids well-nourished while on-the-go with these 3 healthy snack recipes for active kids, shared by Alyssa Bauman of
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5 Snacking Ideas and Tips For Smarter Summers

Nutritious snacks are just as important as healthy meals, so make them count. Here are some tips to help you snack smarter during the warmer summer months.

Recipe: A Healthier Homemade Mac and Cheese That Your Kids Will Love

Kid-friendly foods aren't always good for your kids. Try this healthier homemade mac and cheese recipe to nourish your kids while pleasing their taste buds.

3 Easy Recipes That Will Make You Love Lentils

Not sure how to cook with lentils? Our nutrition contributor Alyssa Bauman of shares 3 easy recipes that will make you love lentils.

5 Tips For Smarter Snacking

Smarter Snacks with a Special Recipe Below! - Guest post by Alyssa Bauman, Nourished.caActive families are always in need...
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How To Make The Most Satisfying Smoothies

Check out our list of the top 8 tips you need to know to make the creamiest, tastiest and healthiest smoothies ever (that your kids will actually love).

How To Make Eating Veggies Fun For Your Kids

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies? Carla from Born Bright Foods is sharing 5 tips to make mealtime easier.

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