LearnCanada Learning Code Launches New Program For Kids

Canada Learning Code Launches New Program For Kids

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Canada Learning Code (CLC), Canada’s leading national organization championing digital literacy education, announced the launch of the highly anticipated K-12 Computer Science Education Framework. The Framework aligns computer science education across the country by providing essential guidelines on what every student in Canada should know to navigate today’s rapidly changing technology-based world.

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Students, learners and educators throughout the country now have complete access to the comprehensive computer science Framework that addresses five fundamental learning outcomes including; coding and programming, computer and networks, data, technology and society and design.

“After consulting with experts and thought leaders across the industry on the subject of computer science education, it was clear that its delivery throughout the country was not only inconsistent, but there were significant barriers around accessibility,” said Melissa Sariffodeen, CEO, Canada Learning Code. “As an organization dedicated to empowering youth with the digital skills needed to thrive both currently and in the future, we knew definitive action was needed to make a positive change in the way computer science is taught today”.

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Developed in partnership with an advisory group consisting of Canada’s top industry

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leaders including Amazon, Shopify and others, the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework is built on a foundation of knowledge and insights from the brightest minds in computer science. To gain a holistic understanding of high-quality computer science education and to uncover insights into key competencies, CLC consulted curriculum developers, educators, teacher unions, classroom teachers and organizations including Pinnguaq and Kids Code Jeunesse.

Additionally, CLC sought out Canadians’ opinion, conducting a survey which found that 90% of respondents felt students should be learning computer science starting in kindergarten through to Grade 8, while 99% felt that students should be learning the subject from Grades 9-12. By implementing the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework today, 2040’s graduating class is expected to be fully integrated in computer science.

Canada Learning Code is continuing to provide educators with the tools and resources needed to confidently embed computer science into their lesson plans and classrooms. From August 10th to 14th (English) and from September 21st to 24th (French), CLC is hosting its TeacherCon conference, a free multi-day conference for teachers to learn how to introduce computer science into the classroom at any grade level. To find out more and register for TeacherCon, visit teachercon.ca to reserve your spot.

To learn about the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework and how you can teach computer science today, visit here for more information.

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