ParentingBuilding Support & Community

Building Support & Community

An empathetic smile. A listening ear. An offer to babysit.

These gestures, no matter how seemingly small, can make a world of difference.

We’ve all been there: the only parent to forget Pajama Day (on Pajama Day). Or searching for lost car keys the morning you’ve volunteered to drive a carful of kids on a school field trip. Or in the grocery store (insert alternate locale here) when our toddler has a spectacular meltdown, lobbing items from the cart onto the floor of aisle 3.

It’s times like these when those small gestures can mean so much: the passerby in aisle 3, stopping to pick up the box of goldfish crackers. Or another parent volunteering to be the back-up driver and saving the field trip. Or the parent who convinces her kindergartener to share a pair of slippers, salvaging Pajama Day.

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Support and community matter, especially when it comes to raising kids.

With the end of summer on its way and the new school year approaching, building a support system and connection with other parents is more important than ever.

So why not start now?

Exchange babysitting hours, host a back-to-school get-together, take turns shuttling the neighbourhood kids to school or soccer practice. Offer to grab groceries—or even cook a meal—for a parent who’s having a particularly tough day.

To help support you in getting the most out of what’s left of summer, and set your family up for back-to-school success, this issue features articles ranging from a beach-blanket bucket list, and tips to slash back-to-school spending to dealing with a diagnosis and what to wear to school photos.

Check out GRAND, a special section for grandparents, featuring articles on family reunions—near and far—simple snacks to pack for picnics and hikes and the value of stretching out in the shade and reading together with kids.

Here’s to enjoying the long, lazy days while they last and being ready for the start of fall.

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