About Us

WestCoast Families magazine is the longest running, largest family publication in the Greater Vancouver area, celebrating 30 years in 2020! We serve all regions of the Lower Mainland with 50,000 copies printed each issue, nine times per year.

We are a key local resource of information and ideas for parents and families. A majority of our readers are parents and caregivers of children who are newborns to teens. We strive to be THE lifestyle guide for local, active, urban families.

WestCoast Families focuses on information that is important to local families with regular features like family travel, health, education, contests, cool finds, and parenting. We also provide an events calendar so you can keep up to date on what’s happening in the Lower Mainland. Our popular features, like Party and Camp Guides, make WestCoast Families a unique and treasured resource for parents and educators in our area. We work with many local organizations and writers to ensure that our content is relevant and valuable to our readers…information they can only get from WestCoast Families!

Each issue of WestCoast Families includes a featured WestCoast Mom, WestCoast Dad or WestCoast Grandparent, profiling inspiring local caregivers and the unique ways that they are impacting the community.

WestCoast Families magazine also publishes the annual Baby Guide, now in its 19th year. The Baby Guide includes valuable resources and information for new and expecting parents. And the annual Family Travel & Adventure Guide is included each year in March, providing travel tips, great deals, local resources and much more for the family on the move.

WestCoast Families Team

Andrea Vance

Publisher & Managing Editor

What’s your favourite local activity to do with your family? Camping! I grew up with it and it’s still one of my favourite things to do with our kids now. We thrive on a good outdoor adventure!

What’s your favourite meal? Creative, tasty vegetarian food… but I also LOVE a really good burger and fries.

Bianca Bujan

What’s the best thing about working for WestCoast Families? I love coming up with new story ideas and then seeing them come to life in print. Interviewing and then sharing the stories of our profiled WestCoast Moms/Dads has been a rewarding experience, as well as working with such a knowledgeable and passionate team to put the magazine together each month.

What’s your favourite meal? It’s a tie between a good steak dinner, and a delicious assortment of sushi.

Jodi Iverson

jodi@westcoastfamilies.com  ::  778-899-3815

What do you love most about working for WestCoast Families?  I like the flexibility of being able to work from home, it allows me to be present for my family. I also love building relationships with clients and helping them grow their business.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Taking new routes to and from my regular destinations. I love driving down new streets and browsing homes. Also, trashy TV – but don’t print that.

Kristy Hill

Art Director (Ad Production & Layout)

What inspires you? Laughing with friends, working hard, and find various ways to be creative.

Can’t live without? Coffee, wine, and cheese… and people.