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7 Ways to Care for Your Community

Did you know that in many communities in BC, the same small group of people often forms the neighborhood associations for years, with very few changes? Caring about your community is a fundamental cornerstone of a thriving society. Being a part of a flourishing community helps you to feel more included—and safe. It doesn’t require much time, and you can simply take one or more of these small steps to help nurture your community.

Make Connections

Knowing your neighbours makes you feel more included in your community. Local school communities facilitate many connections, but meeting your neighbors is possible through other avenues as well. Try going for walks in your local park and strike up conversations with people you see regularly. Bake or craft a small treat and drop it off with your neighbours to introduce yourself and start a conversation. Starting with families that have kids often helps if you are nervous about introducing yourself.

Join Your Community/Neighbourhood Association

Depending on the size of your neighbourhood, you may only have one main municipal association. Or there may be several small groups broken up into smaller communities. Attending these meetings and receiving their newsletters gives you a heads-up on what the issues are and what changes are occurring in your area. And it gives you a chance to have your say or join a committee. This is also another fantastic way to get to know your neighbours.

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Create a Supportive Environment In Your Community

Foster a sense of support and camaraderie among neighbours by starting community events. Family potluck nights, a book club, play groups, coffee dates or simply by gathering to discuss how your group can work together to improve your local community.

Support Local Businesses

Make a point of visiting coffee shops, restaurants and other locally-owned shops in your neighbourhood. Not only will you be putting your money back into the community, but you will also likely have some interesting conversations with other locals about the goings-on in your area.

Organize a Community/Neighbourhood Watch

Speaking with your local police force can provide you with tips on setting up neighbourhood Watch areas and involving your local neighbors. This helps communities feel safer and gives the bonus of creating bonds between neighbors.

Care About Your Neighbors

By getting to know your neighbors, you may come across the chance to help an elderly lady get to her doctor’s appointment. Or after a single mom’s baby while she goes grocery shopping. You may learn that the house with the overgrown yard up the street is owned by a couple with health problems who needs some help with their garden. Or that the family at the end of the road is having a tough time financially, and a neighborhood meal train can be implemented. When neighbors pitch in to help other neighbours, the community thrives.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Help to create an inclusive community that celebrates diversity among neighbours. If possible, learn about and join in on celebrations that are different from yours. Invite others to join in with your family. Not only will you have a fun time, but it gives you and your kids a great learning experience.

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