6 Best Wildlife Live Streams to Watch Now

We may not be able to wander through the aquarium or travel to far-off places to watch wildlife roam freely in their natural habitats, but thanks to the magic of live web cams, we can still get an up-close look at our favourite animals.

We’ve rounded up what we think are the 6 best live streams of wildlife that your family can watch from the comfort of home – highlighting animals from Canada and around the world. Watch one of these live cameras on a computer or TV in the family room and see what happens with wildlife throughout the day!

The Live Cams at Vancouver Aquarium
Who doesn’t love watching sea otters holding hands and diving deep under water, jellyfish jiggling, or penguins waddling around? Now you can catch a glimpse anytime from the live cams at the Vancouver Aquarium.


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SafariLIVE from WildEarth
Go on a live safari, shown right from Africa, with the guidance of an expert host. Join at specific times to watch your favourite wildlife, such as Nkuhuma lions, hyenas, and leopards through this series of wildlife live streams.


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The OrcaLab in Robson Bight from Explore.org
As long as there is light and solar power to keep the cameras live, they will show you Robson Bight. This is the wild, so the orcas aren’t always visible, but it’s spectacular when they are. Watch the cams closely, and you might just catch them playing and rubbing as they splash through the water!


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Wolf Cams from the International Wolf Centre
Wolves some of the most elusive creatures, and sightings are not common. Even while watching these live cams, sightings can be hard to come by, but when you spot one, the sight can be truly amazing.

Gorilla Forest Corridor from Grace Gorillas
These amazing creatures frequent this grassy hill to pass from their night quarters to their daytime forest habitat. Watch as they pass through, graze, and play.

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Delta Eagle Cams from Hancock Wildlife
Through these live streams, you can enjoy viewing two eagles in a nest that have had a camera on them since 2011. We love that this eagle pair has been watched and documented over the years so you can really get to know them.

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