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5 Fun Family-Friendly Hikes

There is nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and breathing in the fresh air with the wind on your face. However, there is nothing worse than a hot, tired, grumpy child following behind and complaining about how much their feet hurt.

It can be challenging to find a hike that the whole family will love. That’s why we have come up with a list of five exciting trails that will keep the kids entertained and energized.

Rice Lake in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

The scenic Seymour Valley Trailway is a 10km paved path that winds through a diverse forest. The Seymour Valley Trailway is a beacon for hikers, walkers, in-line skaters and road cyclists. There is also a vast network of off-road trails with a wide range of terrain from moderate to more extreme-style mountain biking. If fishing is a favourite family pastime, Rice Lake is stocked with more than 5,000 rainbow trout each year. For more of a challenge, try fishing in the Seymour River, which is one of the Lower Mainland’s best steelhead fishing rivers.

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Yew Lake Trail on Cypress

Check out this 2.3km loop trail near Strachan Creek. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 29 minutes to complete and is great for kids. This is a very popular area for birding, running, and walking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are July through November. You’ll need to leave pups at home—dogs aren’t allowed on this trail.

Capilano Regional Park

The Capilano Salmon Hatchery and Cleveland Dam are popular free attractions in North Vancouver. It’s a short walk from the Cleveland Dam to the Hatchery or you can drive along Capilano Road to get between them.

Capilano River Walk. Numerous features and variations have earned this 7km walk and trail area a high recommendation. There is a mix of trails, views, the fish hatchery, and easy hiking and you can check out the river kayakers launching from the hactery parking lot area.

Capilano Dam Loop. This moderate hike takes you on a 2.6km loop through some of the hiking trails in the Capilano River Regional Park in North Vancouver. The hiking trail takes you over the Cleveland Dam wall to the north, with spectacular views of the Capilano Canyon and Capilano River upstream from the salmon hatchery. After following small trails in the forest downstream from the dam, you can cross the Capilano River on a small footbridge, then head back up the hill through steep forest to the parking lot.

Huckleberry Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Get to know this 9.5km loop trail near Musqueam 2. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of two hours to complete. This is a very popular area for birding, horseback riding, and mountain biking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas.

Rocky Point Park & Shoreline Trail

Located along the shores of Burrard Inlet, Rocky Point Park in Port Moody is one of the most scenic parks in the Lower Mainland. The Shoreline Trail is an easy walking route that wraps around the eastern section of Burrard Inlet, starting from the pier at Rocky Point Park and ending at Old Orchard Park. The kids will love the boardwalk and huge trees with tons of chirping birds. A bonus of this walk is there are a number of restaurants including Rocky Point Ice Cream and Pajo’s Fish and Chips at the end for you and your crew to refuel.

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