Health4 Ways Sportball Promotes Success In Sports

4 Ways Sportball Promotes Success In Sports

Champions of physical literacy, Sportball is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children through providing fun and active sports programs that are designed for all ages and levels of experience.

Physical literacy is seen as the most effective antidote to childhood obesity and the many problems associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. For these reasons, Sportball strives to encourage kids to get active through various programs that promote physical literacy in a fun and engaging way that makes kids want to participate.

westcoast kids playing Sportball

Here are just four of the ways that Sportball promotes success in sports through their diverse offerings.

1) Sportball coaches work with passion and purpose

There are few things in this life that instil a feeling of satisfaction, triumph and pride, as that of making a positive impact in a child’s life. Each and every day the coaches of Sportball are given this opportunity, and it’s one that nobody takes for granted. On the morning of a Sportball class, kids around the city wake up feeling excited, looking forward to engaging sessions with their Sportball coaches. Instilling this passion and excitement into a generation of kids is a responsibility Sportball coaches refuse to take lightly, and it shows in their dedication and energy when delivering programs.

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Coaches are role models who focus on long-term athletic development. They graduate through a mentorship program and are on a continual learning track. Sportball partners with leading institutions to ensure that their methodology aligns with the latest research for cognitive, social and motor skills development.

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Through the “Sportball Magic”, families are left each and every week feeling energized and elevated in their passion for an active lifestyle. Sportball coaches undergo specific training and are provided with a methodology that is time tested and true, season after season. Families find themselves experiencing a high energy class filled with skill development, innovative games, and of course fun – all with attention to physical literacy goals and developmental milestones for every age group and child’s needs.

2) Sportball encourages both parent participation & independent learning

Some children may be hesitant to try new things or join unfamiliar friends in group activities. There’s no better way to get them involved than to lead by example and take those steps together. In Sportball’s parent-child classes, parents are encouraged to unplug from work and outside distractions and connect with their kids in a fun, active, and hands-on class that encourages bonding through physical activity.

While parent-and-child Sportball classes are an amazing way for grownups to spend time with their little ones, drop-off Sportball classes are available as well,  focused on fostering independence in a distraction-free environment. The kids spend the hour with their favourite Sportball coach learning amazing new progression-based skills, structure, and rules,  all while having a sense of confidence instilled in them throughout the day’s activities. After the classes have wrapped up, Sportballers can’t wait to share in the fun they’ve just had with their parents.

3) It keeps kids active and engaged

Active kids are healthier, more confident and perform better academically. Sportball’s inclusive and non-competitive sports programs allow children to develop at their own pace. Their methodology ensures that kids develop fundamental movement skills and a life-long love of movement and sport. They emphasize socialization, skill and confidence building and positive learning outcomes over winning. At Sportball, building physical literacy from a young age is the primary goal.

4) Sportball offers multi-sport classes to create a strong sports foundation

Multi-Sport classes  provide an amazing foundation for a lifetime of active living. Sportball kids are kept moving and engaged, learning a new skill from a different sport each class. Sportball classes bundle 8 sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, golf and tennis into one registration. By introducing your child to a variety of sports, they will have the opportunity to find out which one feels right for specialization in later years.

Through Sportball’s diverse program offerings, today’s kids can thrive in a healthy and active environment that carries them through beyond their adolescent years – something that is much more important than any wins or losses that they’ll ever find on a field.

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