4 Quick Infant Massage Tips For Improved Summer Sleep

It can be hard for a busy baby to fall asleep during the summer months, and who can blame them? The grass is greener, the sun is out longer, and with summer travel plans, they could be sleeping in unfamiliar locations. 

Help baby sleep better with massage tips and tricks for improved summer sleep – even if you’re on the road. At the end of a long and active day, a nighttime massage routine can help decrease baby’s irritability and calm excessive crying by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Enhanced bonding through massage can help parents relax and unwind at the end of the day too. 

Please read on for infant massage tips and tricks from Babyganics brand partner and certified infant massage instructor Morgan Livingstone:

1) The direction of the massage stroke makes all the difference. 

Use massage strokes that move away from the heart – from the shoulder to the wrist, and from the hip to the foot – both are relaxing strokes that are perfect for an evening bedtime routine. Strokes that move towards the heart are stimulating for the child and are best suited for morning massage routines.

infant massage

2) Be sure to moisturize while you massage.

Use Babyganics fragrance free daily moisturizer with NeoNourish seed oil blend as a part of your summer massage routine to help keep baby’s skin soft and cool on hot days. NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend is extracted from the seeds of 5 cold-pressed ingredients, including: raspberry, tomatoes, black cumin, cranberry and sunflower (which is added to each one of Babyganics skincare products).

infant massage3) Timing is key.

Make time for some relaxing infant massage strokes in baby’s bedtime routine to help release tension from daily stimuli and promote a deeper sleep. Pick a consistent time for massage each night, like after their evening bath, before feeding baby and settling them into sleep.

4) Make massage part of your regular routine.

Start each massage the same way before bedtime by saying the same phrase or singing the same song each night so that baby becomes familiar with it. Try phrases like, “It’s time for sleepy massage” or another phrase or song unique to your family. 

(This is a sponsored post, shared in partnership with Babyganics)

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