4 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

Looking for something new to do with your bored kids while you’re spending extra time at home? Why not repurpose your empty toilet paper roll into fun and creative crafts! Here are four different ways you can create something new with your leftover rolls.

1) Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Beautiful Butterflies

All you need is some colourful construction paper for the wings, googly eyes (or markers to draw some eyes on your butterfly), and any other decorative pieces you can find around the house to add embellishments to your butterfly’s wings (buttons, sparkles, or make your own design using paints, pastels or pencil crayons). Add some colourful pipe cleaners to create antennae. Don’t forget to use white glue to stick it all together. Attach a popsicle stick or chopstick to make your finished butterfly fly!

westcoast kids making butterfly with more toilet paper roll crafts

2) Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Gift Boxes

These little gift boxes are easy to make and perfect to wrapping a special small item to gift to your family or friends. All you need is some colourful tissue paper, scissors, and ribbon. Begin by wrapping the toilet paper roll in the tissue paper.

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Then, push the ends in to make closures on either end of the roll. Glue one side closed, and leave the other open so you can add your small item to create a cutely-wrapped gift. Tie it together with a bow, and voila!

gift box more toilet paper roll crafts
Source: theseamanmom.com

3) Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Binoculars

These toilet paper roll binoculars will get you excited for adventures outdoors! Begin by wrapping two toilet paper rolls with leftover pieces of wrapping paper, colourful scrapbook sheets, or freestyle paint designs done with your own paintbrush. Then, tie the two rolls together using string. Finish off your peepers by wrapping the ends of each roll with a thin line of coloured construction paper. Take your new binoculars to spot wildlife in the woods or go birding!

binocular kids toilet paper roll crafts
Source: earth911.com

4) More Crafts: Rainbow Windsock

This one makes a great decoration for your deck or front door! Use paint to colour your toilet paper roll, then cut out the shape of a cloud, draw a face, and glue your cloud to the roll. Using a hole punch, create holes on either side of the top, and string pipe cleaners or string through to tie at the top for hanging. Then, glue colourful pieces of tissue paper to the inside of the roll to complete your craft!

westcoast family making toilet paper roll crafts
Source: easypeasyandfun.com
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