30 Days to Simplify Your Home – Printable

30 Days to Simplify Your Home – a Printable from WestCoast Families!

There are so many benefits to decluttering your space: reducing stress & anxiety, improving sleep, boosting productivity, discovering lost treasures, saving money, easier cleaning and tidying, and smart storage.

Some experts recommend one room at a time, and others advise to tackle one category after another. However you do it, you will reap the benefits and feel great about the time spent. So grab a cup of tea, and get the family involved.

Here’s a kick start to your journey of 30 days to simplify your home:

30 days to simplify your home and declutter your space

Which day made the biggest impact on your home?

Does this inspire you to keep going?

More great info on minimalism benefits and how to simplify your life: CLICK HERE

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