10 Reasons To Try The McDonald’s® McDelivery™ Service

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After a jam-packed week full of dance drop-offs and soccer games spent on the sidelines, the last thing I want to do on Friday nights is to cook a lavish dinner for my family of five. As a special treat (for both my family and myself), we opt to order in and enjoy a family movie night at home once our busy week comes to a close. Unfortunately, beyond pizza, there aren’t a lot of take-out options that will satisfy the taste buds of everyone in my house. Thanks to the McDonald’s McDelivery option available through Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes, families can have their favourite McDonald’s meals delivered right to their door. 

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Here are just 10 reasons why McDelivery is the best choice for a family night in:

1) Satisfy your cravings with McDonald’s

You know that moment when you’re all snuggled in on the couch, watching a movie with your loved ones, when suddenly, that craving hits and all you want is a Big Mac® and fries. Now, there’s no need to hop in the car; just open the app, order and sit back and wait for it to arrive at your door.

2) Ease of use.

Download and open either the SkipTheDishes or Uber Eats apps – both are easy-to-use food delivery apps that allow you to enjoy the convenience, control and accuracy of ordering exactly what you want online, and having it delivered right to your door.

3) Easily accessible.

With the McDelivery service available in over 700 locations across Canada, everyone can dine together and enjoy special moments together as a family – courtesy of McDonald’s – without having to leave the comfort of your home.

4) McDonald’s has Food for everyone.

From Big Mac® sandwiches and fries to Chicken McNuggets® and Triple Thick Milkshakes, the full McDonald’s menu is available for delivery (with the exception of soft serve cones), so everyone in your family can have their favourite items brought right to your door for a delicious dinner in.

5) McDonald’s makes meal planning easy.

Order dinner while you’re on your way home from a midweek soccer practice and have your food arrive moments after you’ve stepped in the door, or pre-order your meal for your child’s weekend sleepover with friends. The flexibility of this service makes meal planning quick and easy, regardless of the plans that are packing your family calendar.

6) No cash exchanged.

Because you’ve already pre-paid for your order through the app of your choice, receiving your McDonald’s delivery order is simple – no cash exchanged or fumbling to find money for tips.

7) More family time.

While you wait for your food to arrive, you can enjoy more together time at home with your family. Enjoy a family movie night or games night and let the food come to you.

8) Better choices.

Beyond pizza, there aren’t a lot of take-out options that will satisfy the taste buds of everyone in one house. With a wide variety of menu items, McDonald’s has something to offer everyone in your family. 

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9) Less driving.

Park your car and let the food come to you. After a busy week of driving around, McDelivery is designed to make your life easier by bringing your favourite McDonald’s meals right to your door. 

10) McDonald’s is Budget-friendly.

Most take-out meals are expensive, especially once you add in the delivery costs. McDelivery provide a wide variety of menu option for families at a value price-point

McDelivery was made for busy families like ours, and I love it.

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Delivery available at participating McDonald’s® restaurants in Canada. Product availability varies by restaurant.

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