10 Tips on How to Book a Last-Minute Campsite in BC This Summer

Wishing you had pre-booked a campsite now that BC has been flooded with weeks of warm sunny weather? Well don’t worry, last-minute decision makers can still find a site that suits their camping needs, thanks to this great list of tips shared by the Camping & RVing BC Coalition.

Camping BC

Joss Penny, Chair of the Camping & RVing BC Coalition shared, “typically we  see an increase of campers during summer weekends and it can be  challenging to secure a spot at your favourite campground. I always  recommend planning ahead and making a reservation, however I understand  human nature.” For those of us who took the risk and waited until the last minute to book summer plans, Joss has got us covered.

Camping BC

For campers  who are looking to book a spot at the eleventh hour, Joss and her team have compiled a list of  over  35 private campgrounds with some July availability throughout the province, as well as this list of 10 tips to help you find a campground and site that meets your needs:

1) Determine how far you want to drive and the direction you wish to go in.
2) Determine what activities you want to do and campground amenities  you are looking for (example: lakefront, boating, hiking, washrooms, or a playground).
3) Visit the Where to Camp page which plots over 1,500 campgrounds (BC Parks, Parks Canada, private RV parks/campgrounds, and front country recreational camping sites) across the province.
4) If there are less than 7 days to plan your summer trip, be prepared  to contact multiple campgrounds to secure your spot and the likelihood that you may have to drive a bit further to get what you want.
5) Finding sites four or less hours from major urban centres is difficult on summer weekends so look to travel 6 – 8 hours out of town.
6) Wet summers create availability so last-minute travellers can often find spaces.
7) Consider camping on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in high demand areas.
8) Travel through the North Cariboo region or Northern BC as many sites are available on a nightly drop-in basis.
9) Arrive at campgrounds mid-week to secure first come, first served sites for the weekend.
10) Piggyback with friends as many campgrounds allow up to four adults per site.

camping BC

For more great resources on where to camp and RV in and around BC, visit Camping & RV in BC.

For more ideas for family-friendly summer fun, check out our latest issue! Pick up a copy at one of these locations, or view the July/August issue here.

Top 5 Items to Pack for Family Camping

Who doesn’t love camping? For any type of outdoor adventure, preparation is the key. Start by making a checklist and keep things organized. Based on the type of activities you have planned and camping site, time of year and duration of the trip, a checklist may vary. Here are 5 essential things you must have with you on a family camping trip.

Kids camping

  1. Tent
    Travelling with the kids can be fun. Sleeping under the stars might be what the little ones want, but it’s not the best idea. Mosquitoes and insects won’t let you sleep; also, what do you do if it starts raining? A tent is an essential camping item. There are numerous kinds available in many different shapes and sizes.
  1. Hiking gear
    Camping usually involves hiking and trekking. Proper gear is fundamental, whether we’re talking about shoes, backpacks, jackets, compass or gloves. Don’t forget water bottles, lanterns, and a map to help you return to the camping site in case you get lost.
  1. Linens
    In this category we should include more than one type. First we have blankets, which should be used on the ground as well as for tucking during chilling evenings. Second we have table linens; only this time we have no table. Consider cotton materials and use them at breakfast, lunch or dinner. And last but not least we have towels which families can use when eating, or for eating.
  1. Healthy snacks
    Healthy snacks are essential on a camping trip. Fruit and veggies salads in bowls are excellent, as we as sandwiches and energy bars (these are for adults). Kids should limit themselves to having chocolate, yoghurt, or whole grain cookies.
  1. Games
    To stay entertained make sure you don’t forget the games. If you’re the kind of travellers who loves technology rather than chess, then make sure to invest in proper charger.

By Jason Phillips and Volgalinen.co.uk!