Michelle Pockey Leadership Award Accepting Applications!

Are you a female leader? Then listen up!

The Michelle Pockey Leadership Award has been created to recognize Michelle Pockey, an exceptional female leader in our community. As a prominent lawyer and community activist, Michelle dedicated herself to making a positive difference in the world – from energy, mining, environmental, and Indigenous legal issues, to increasing the economic success and impact of women. With her vision, she co-founded the Professional Women’s Network in 1997, and the Professional Aboriginal Women’s Network in 2016. She worked tirelessly for 20 years advocating to advance women in business, law, Indigenous and non-traditional sectors. She was an inspiration for others every day of her life until her passing from cancer in June 2016.

The Michelle Pockey Leadership Award will give first priority to an Indigenous woman, a single mother, or a woman facing economic hardship. Second priority will be given to a woman pursuing law, justice, Indigenous, or environmental studies. The award is intended to support her tuition, housing, or childcare in the pursuit of post-secondary education, which will advance her leadership and long-term career prospects.

You can also support the award through donations, so take part today!

For more information and to download the application form, click HERE 

Oyaco Celebrates a Birthday!

OYACO, one of Canada’s larger distributors of infant, toddler and maternity products, is turning 15 on Mother’s Day this year! One of the first companies to introduce baby sleeping bags to Canadian parents in 2001, OYACO has continued to bring innovative, creative and truly helpful products to the Canadian marketplace.

OYACO was founded in 2001 by Narda Simpson, President of Oyaco Products. Narda, who continues to run the company today, is an inspiration to Mompreneur’s everywhere. Building a company from an idea drawn up at their kitchen table into a national success story is something many entrepreneurs will do only in their wildest dreams.

“Oyaco is my first baby,” Simpson says. “I wasn’t a mom when I started the company. A friend of mine was making sleeping bags for babies, and I bought one from her to give to one of my friends as a baby gift.” Simpson’s friend was very impressed with the usefulness of the sleeping bag, and word spread to other friends, who were eager to have them for their babies. “Before too long, we found ourselves sewing baby sleeping bags after work in the evening and selling them privately,” she says.

Simpson’s success was fast and furious. With a keen business sense and a natural instinct for knowing what the consumer wants, Simpson started sourcing the product from international manufacturers and distributors to bring to the Canadian market. With the success of the Grobag sales, Simpson’s business started to be recognized by other baby product manufacturers who wanted to enter the Canadian market, and Simpson soon found herself sourcing and importing products from around the world.

“We really strive to make parenting easier,” Simpson says. “We want to take the frustration factor out of parenting by giving parents the tools they need to enjoy these precious moments in their young family’s life. Our products must be practical, otherwise we won’t carry them. This has really been an awesome journey.”

WestCoast Families Congratulates Oyaco on their success!