Her Health Matters: Local Businesses Step Up & Show Support

Did you know that until 1998, women weren’t included in most research and medical trials in Canada? 1998 – that was only 20 years ago! This means that when drugs were created and put into the market to help with women’s health issues, many hadn’t even been tested on the female body before becoming available for sale.  Even today, women’s health research is still vastly underfunded, and as a result, women remain unaware of many of the unique health risks that exist.

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Here are just some of the mind-blowing women’s health care facts that you should know:

  1. Prior to the 1990’s women were not included in most medical research studies.
  2. Each year in Canada, heart disease kills more women than men. It is the leading cause of death for women over 55, and the second most common cause of death for women under 55.
  3. Women experience depression twice as often as men and yet are three times more likely than men to experience barriers to accessing mental health care.

There is a gender bias that exists in the healthcare system, and BC Women’s hospital – in partnership with some fantastic local businesses, is taking a stand against this bias and the lack of resources available in women’s health, with a new initiative that has launched called Her Health Matters.

Yyoga – 15% off 5 Class Passes using a special promo code. Her Health Matters

WithinUs – 10% off using a special promo code.

BRUNETTE The Label – donating a percentage of sales on the BABES SUPPORTING BABES sweatshirts to BC Women’s.

The Juice Truck – donating partial sales to BC Women’s.

For more information on the special offers available through participating businesses, or to donate directly to this important cause, please visit BC Women’s – Her Health Matters.

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New Breast Milk Donation Locations

Doctors often encourage new mothers to breastfeed their babies, since it has been clinically proven that a mother’s milk is the best nutrition for little ones to develop and grow healthy immune systems. But for some new parents and vulnerable babies, access to quality, safe, and healthy milk is not only a challenge but a necessity. The BC Women’s Milk Bank, through BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, takes in donations of breast milk, pasteurizes it, then feeds babies who are in the neonatal intensive care unit who are at high risk of developing infections and others diseases. Healthy donor milk is just one effort to help their tiny bodies fight off disease. “With a helping hand from donated breast milk and even more milk depots opening, babies will have a better chance to thrive,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “We have long known the benefits of human milk for vulnerable babies, so now we’re making it even easier to donate milk to help babies in need.” Previously, it has been a challenge to access these donation centres, meaning milk supply had decreased to a dangerous and all time low. Thankfully, five new donation locations have opened up across the Lower Mainland, giving potential donors better access to drop off their milk while giving more at risk babies access to the quality nutrition they need.