Feature: How To Create The Perfect Family Photo Wall For Your Home

Creating a wall gallery in your home has a far more benefits than just filling up an empty wall in your living room. Displaying family photographs has a profound effect on your child’s self-esteem. The photographs on the walls of your home let your children know subconsciously, day in and day out, that they belong and are loved and supported.


Photo: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

Of course, you want the wall gallery to look amazing and not like a Pinterest fail. Here are some tips to ensure your gallery wall is well-designed.

1) Fill your wall space appropriately.

Most people frame their photos way too small, causing them to look like they were stuck haphazardly on the wall.

Your entire gallery, from the edge of the left-most frame to the edge of the right-most frame, should be about 75% of the width of the wall space you’re trying to fill. So if your wall gallery will be above your living room sofa, your completed wall gallery should measure 75% of the width of your sofa. If your wall gallery hangs over your dining room buffet, the full gallery should measure 75% of the width of that buffet.

The smallest frame in your gallery should be 8″x 10” and preferably 11”x 14”. Anything smaller and you won’t be able to see the photograph unless you’re standing close to the wall.


Photo: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

2) Design your wall gallery by laying your frames in position on the floor first.

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration – and holes in your wall! Experiment with your design starting with the largest frame first, then placing the smaller ones around it.

3) Don’t leave too much space between the frames!

The easiest way to make your gallery cohesive is to ensure that every frame is exactly 2” away from the frame next to it. The biggest mistake we see is people trying to fill their wall space by placing lots of room in between the frames. That only makes your frames look ungrounded and unsophisticated.


Photo: Jenn Di Spirito Photography

4) Consider photographs that show your family’s true personality and love for each other. Move beyond the traditional “Christmas card photo” where everyone is smiling prettily at the camera. While it’s fine to include that portrait in your wall gallery, complement it with photographs of your family interacting and enjoying each other.

For more tips on displaying family photographs in your home, visit www.jenndispirito.com and while you’re there, download the Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Displaying Family Photographs.

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