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The May|June issue of WestCoast Families is one of our favourites. We pack so much amazing information into this these pages, it has our heads spinning. But we’re not complaining! The sun is trying to poke its elusive head out of the clouds and gives us glimpses of what’s to come.

Preparing for summer is almost better than summer itself (well, sort of!) and we love researching all the camps getting ready to open their doors to kids. This issue is Part II of our Camp Guide, and this time we focus on day camps around the Lower Mainland. It seems they’re everywhere, and they are a great way to expose kids to something new, keep them outside and active, and even give a little time to parents to regroup.

So many kids are participating in Performing Arts, whether it be dance, theatre, singing, or all three. Many school programs have been cut, which has sent families looking outside the system for other outlets. You don’t have to be good to participate! As a matter of fact, many parents put their kids in for a variety of reasons: increase confidence, learn some moves, or even just to figure out how to count the beat. In our family, piano lessons teach a whole other language, and dance provides the kids with a way to find the rhythm. Even one class a week can provide kids with self-expression, build compassion, and develop problem solving and perseverance skills too.

To round out this issue, we’ve got lots of great information on local preschool and childcare options, including statistics specific to BC that may interest you, and how outside childcare and preschool can change a child’s development. Want to take toddlers and preschoolers on a vacation? Don’t be scared! We’ve got that covered too.

Now you know why we’re so excited for this issue. SO much to see and do. And we hope you have as much fun planning this spring and summer as you do actually experiencing it. Let’s leave the rain and clouds behind: Bring on the sun!

Andrea Vance
Publisher & Managing Editor

PS This is the last issue that our steadfast and hard working Assistant Editor, Kelly Thompson, will be working with us. She’s moving on to new challenges and has exciting things in the works with her own book too. Kelly has been amazing all these years at keeping us all in line and on time, and we wish her all the best!



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