Family Travel & Adventure Guide

Travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

FTAG SmallPlanning a big European trip a couple of years ago, someone asked why we would take such young kids travelling when they really wouldnt remember most of it. My reply was that if I only did things they remembered in the early years, wed hardly leave the house! Two years later, we still reminisce about so many special times, discoveries, and places that we saw and experienced on that trip – and on our other trips too. It isnt just about the memories, but about the moments we created and how that has helped shape who they are today. They know there is a big world out there waiting to be discovered, and I love that.

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Not everyone can pick up and go on an airplane with their family, but travel and adventure can happen close to home too. Exploring nature and history is not only fascinating, but good for the soul too. Here on the West Coast we have so many opportunities to venture out with our kids to do just that, and some of the best places are close to home.

This Family Travel & Adventure Guide is intended to inspire you to create those amazing moments, so start planning!

Andrea Vance
Publisher & Managing Editor