Baby Guide

2015|16 Baby Guide

2015|16 Baby Guide

The 2015|16 Baby Guide is HERE!

Click to read Baby Guide online, or pickup a copy with the October 2015 issue of WestCoast Families magazine.

Soon the Baby Guide will also be available for pickup at more than 200 locations around Greater Vancouver.

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Baby & Tot Show
BC’s largest baby and toddler expo

My Bella Baby
Events with exhibitors relevant to new parents

Midwives Association of BC
Educating the public about midwifery care while supporting the growing number of midwives across the province

Mother Me
Home support for new mothers

Ostara Midwifery
Offering a full scope of personalized care for your pregnancy

Boomers and Echoes
Quality consignment for eco-conscious parents

CEFA Core Education & Fine Arts
World leader in education for children ages 1-5

Oyaco Products
Innovative solutions for today’s parents

Next Generation Distributors
Innovative and useful products that offer significant value to new and expecting parents

Doidy Cup
The perfectly shaped cup to wean from a bottle

Happy Baby Daily Needs
Mom’s healthy choices for baby gear

Snuggle Bugz
The best selection of the highest quality brands for pregnancy, newborn and toddler

Olive Fertility Clinic
Caring fertility treatment and education

Hazel & Jools
Locally made lifestyle collections for women, specializing in fabulous maternity wear

Phoenix Gymnastics
A club built on traditions and values and the love of gymnastics

Sleeping Child
Sleep programs to help children get the sleep they need for healthy development

Amit Kent
Helping make post-secondary education possible for Canadian families

Hybrid Health
Get access to private health care, medical care, medical support and no-wait treatment options

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BC Securities-licensed RESP sales representative