Costume Drive with Just Imagine

Every child looks forward to Halloween! It’s a chance to escape and be someone else for a night, having tons of fun with friends and family, and of course, getting access to some tasty candy! But half the fun is in the costume, but for some families, there are other financial priorities that come before playing dress up. For some it can be a struggle just to pay the household bills and put food on the table, which doesn’t leave much left for make believe.

Thankfully, costume shop extraordinaire, Just Imagine, has created a costume drive for people to donate costumes so that all children can be a part of this fun celebration. Simply swing by the shop, donate a costume (or pick out one brand new) and add it to the collection! Children in need will be able to cruise for their favourite action figure, toy or tv character, while Lower Mainland families can purge the years of costumes collecting dust in the basement.

No child deserves to be excluded from celebrations, and Just Imagine hopes to give each chance to have a night of fun and silliness. So donate to the costume drive and be sure to check out Just Imagine’s amazing selection of costumes and other fun so that you and your family are ready for Halloween!

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