Function Over Fussy – Story of Peekaboo Beans

When Traci became a new mom, although everything was new and exciting, she questioned the functionality of her daughter’s clothing. As they prepared for daily adventures, she wondered why her daughter’s clothes, although cute, didn’t seem to accommodate the curious way the girl moved, explored, and fundamentally played.

Traci then considered how the clothes functioned for her – a growing, raring-to-go, child. Was she comfortable? Could she move and play the way her mind and body wanted to? As she grew, Traci watched her daughter wrestle with buttons, snaps and zippers as she independently tried to get her clothes on and off. Surely clothing shouldn’t prevent her from feeling a sense of independence or pride.

Musing with the difficulties she saw in her daughter’s clothing, Traci envisioned a brand of clothing where the fabric was soft, high quality, and durable. She pictured removable labels and flatlock stitching to take away itches and irritation, an a-line shape that made room for Buddah bellies, and styles that adapted to those unpredictable growth spurts and of course, pre-shrunk fabrics.

The wish list for perfect children’s clothing grew and ideas flourished. Why not take the laces out of hoodies to remove hazards on the playground? Add chin guards for zippers so they don’t pinch those precious faces and thumb holes to keep sleeves from bunching up? All of these considerations of children and attention to detail soon meant that Peekaboo Beans was born.

Today, the company thrives making the best children’s clothing that will last, be comfortable and inspire your little beans to play!

Traci Costa founded Peekaboo Beans, Playwear For Kids On the Grow, in 2006. Traci is on the Board of Directors of Playground Builders, was a Top 40 under 40 recipient in 2010, and has worked with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and the Women Enterprise Network, as a mentor and committee member. She is the winner of the 2015 Ethel Tibbits Women of Distinction Business Award.

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