DAYTRIPPING: Let it Ride… at Playland!

Looking around for another day-trip this week, we set our eyes on Playland!  We knew we were going to be visiting the PNE fair next week, so some people asked us “why make the trip twice”.  But from past years, we knew there was MORE than enough at the PNE Fair to fill a day without rides, and this was a great opportunity to be thrill-seekers on the roller coasters before the lineups got bigger.

Our group had several adults, and five kids: 13, 13, 12, 11, and 4 years old.  Our start was a bit slow as everyone figured out which rides they wanted to tackle and where they wanted to go.  Trying to coordinate older kids and younger kids was at first a bit of a challenge.  But when the words “Roller Coaster” was spoken, four of us were off and running.  Only a ten minute line-up and we were riding the world-famous wooden structure that is such a classic.  It’s still one of the best roller coasters in the world, and gave us all a huge thrill.

Back together as a group, we quickly realized that the area of Playland was not really all that huge, and we could pretty easily separate and regroup throughout the afternoon.  Being at Playland before the big fair, on a Wednesday evening through dinner time also provided us the advantage of short lines.  That made things much easier for everyone to do all the things they wanted to do!

There are SO many rides at Playland for the little ones.  We had no shortage of thrills for the four year old in the group, and the older kids were more than happy to accompany them on everything from the Scrambler to the Flying Elephants.  If you have young kids with your group, check in at Guest Services when you arrive to have their height measured and assigned a wristband.  This takes the guessing out of whether they qualify for certain rides and saves a little disappointment at the ride entrance after a line-up.

We hadn’t packed any food with us, anticipating that there would be plenty of options available on-site.  We did find that the options were more limited without the PNE Fair, but we were happy to see a Triple-O restaurant with lots of seating.  There is also a grassy area with picnic tables beside the Flume ride if you decide to bring your own food.

Our afternoon lasted about five hours and there was a lot of laughs, funny faces, and many smiles.  For the adults there was a big trip down memory lane as we recalled our younger days spent riding the rides of this great park.  We felt like kids again, as we spun on the Scrambler, swung on the Pirate, bumped on the Scooters, sped on the Music Express, and flew on the Hellevator.

And watching our four-year-old daughter thinking that she’s actually driving on KC’s Raceway was the icing on the cake.

A return to the fun of Playland is absolutely worth the trip.  Highly recommended!

Playpass $27 for adults and older kids, $18 for younger kids.  Discounted tickets available online, and at certain retailers.   Parents accompanying kids 12 and under can purchase a Guardian pass for only $13.  Please note: During PNE Fair, prices are different!

We’ll be heading back this week for the PNE too, and really looking forward to it.

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