Bug off! Get rid of those mosquitos.

The other night we were sitting around outside after dinner, soaking up the warmth of a beautiful summer evening.  The only thing that could ruin it?  You guessed it!  The buzzy little creatures we all dread this time of year.  Mosquitoes.

I remembered the Thermacell Patio Lantern that was still sitting in the box from months ago.  What better time to try it?  We were skeptical but figured it couldn’t make it worse.    We turned it on and, well, we ignored it.   Carried on our conversation, chatting and laughing.  It wasn’t until about a half an hour later that we stopped and realized that the bugs had all but gone away.  There was no noise, no bad smell, and almost no bugs.   The lantern even looked good sitting on the table in front of us, with its soft glowing light.

The drawbacks?  It’s a bit lightweight, and will only take care of bugs in a small area.  A refill package includes butane and 3 additional repellant mats and lasts 12 hours (there is a 24 hour option too) for about $6.  That can add up over the summer bug season.  The light is dim, and mainly for ambiance and not for any real purpose.

But if you want a bug repellant that doesn’t require a gas mask, creams, smoke or lighters, this is a great option.  We’ll be trying it again and again this summer, to enjoy our summer evenings with way less bugs.  Want to try one?  They’re available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Cabelas, and more.  $29.99


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