Totally Random

Have you seen the launch of a new kids website & TV series called Totally Random?  It’s new & unique  – an interactive form of TV that also incorporates a safe & creative social network.  The series and website is aimed at kids aged 7-11 and provides a safe environment for kids to be creative and share their experience with a social network of other kids their age.

This is a skit-comedy TV (web) series where kids can share the experience using creativity & imagination.  The system provides kids with images, text, audio & video, and the tools to build their own digital creations.  Other kids can then build on these creations… building “Snowballs”.  The Snowballs that are the most tagged & deemed the most innovative are moved up and ultimately featured in the Totally Random series. Each episode, the hosts present the new Snowball!

Take a look with your kids aged 7-11 to see what it’s all about.  We’re sure they’ll get hooked!


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