Pack up for Harrison!

WestCoast Families was recently invited to the landmark Harrison Hot Springs hotel for a reintroduction to the property and the area.  Jennifer from WCF Magazine was able to take her 2 kids for a fun day & night to see what it was all about.  It had been many years since she had visited the area, and Jennifer was interested to see what had changed… and what hadn’t!  Here’s her take on the trip:

Harrison in March
When we arrived, we were greeted by the property itself in grand style.  There is truly beautiful scenery here, surrounded by mountains and lake.  In behind the hotel is a beautiful garden to walk thru, perfect for kids’ picture taking if they’re game!  The Hotel is situated right on waterfront so once you’re there, the car is parked and stays put.  With lots of Local shopping and trails easy enough to take the kids on, there’s plenty to explore within walking distance.  You can even find out where the hot springs come from.

The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating.  They went over and above to make sure we had a good time!  The rooms are very comfortable with a small balcony to sit and enjoy the view… which made for a nice break during busy days.  The Hotel was clean, BIG and provided entertainment for everyone in the family, at any age…from infant to teens to adults.

There were different pools including an adults only pool that stays open until 11pm!  Lap pool, family pool and hot tub all outdoors, and very warm since they’re heated by the natural Hot Springs.  The kids found that very cool.  There is also an indoor pool for the cooler days. They offer complimentary robes to wear to and from the pools…and everybody seems to use them!

Dinner time came along, and we were treated to the Buffet.  This was perfect for our family – the food was really was good and they offered “theme” nights.  We lucked out with Chinese food night…. YUM.   There’s even a special area that caters to a younger crowd… fries, chicken strip and build-your-own burgers.  The kids were in heaven!

Downstairs there is a small café where you can grab a quick coffee and snack. There is also a gift shop in case you forgot to pack your suntan lotion, flip flops or pick up a pretty necklace to match your new outfit from the shop across the way!  There is even a lounge where you can watch the games and enjoy a bevvie…no kids allowed!

Every day at 4pm they offer complimentary tea and cookies in the main hallway.   We all loved this treat, and it was a great way to mingle and meet your neighbors – the kids could even find other kids to play with. This is apparently a very popular event for hotel guests – it was packed!

Although we didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the movie theatre which offers movies for all ages throughout the day, the arcade or the games room that has WII and other assorted board games to – they definitely have enough entertainment keep the kids entertained all day.

I did have a chance to enjoy the spa located on the hotel grounds for a quick manicure/pedicure.  It was beautiful and so calming.  While I relaxed, the kids swam and burned off energy.  Perfect for Mom!

It’s great to see that the good old Harrison Hot Springs Hotel is still there in all its glory – with its spectacular setting, traditional hot springs, and waterfront location.   What’s even better is that they’ve kept up with the times, and have transformed the hotel into a little oasis that has something to offer everyone in the family.  It’s a perfect little family beach holiday getaway, and it`s only a few hours from home!  What else could you ask for?

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