Jason & the Argonauts at Carousel Theatre – last chance!

From: Jodi Iverson, Account Manager and Contributing Editor at WestCoast Families magazine.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Visible Fictions (Scotland) production of Jason & The Argonauts presented by Carousel Theatre For Young People.  I brought my teenager who is a big fan of Greek mythology along also.  The play is being shown from April 13 to 28th  at the Waterfront Theatre at Granville Island which is located next door to the Kids Market.

While this is a classic story,  this two man production is anything but classic! The duo of Simon Donaldson  and Tim Settle had the crowd on totally engaged and laughing out loud with their high energy antics and creative use of props. Playing multiple characters each they took inspiration from children at play which was charming and easy to follow for young and old alike. The production used a single multipurpose cart that transformed form mountain to ship and countless other applications based around each scene. After the show ended the actors made themselves available for a q&a segment that was funny and informative. The engagement is the first international production to be presented by Carousel and could not have been a better choice!

Still tickets left for this production!  www.carouseltheatre.ca

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