[VIDEO] Style Tips: How To Get Your Teen To Dress Up

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.39.33 AM

For tweens/teens, wearing leggings, tattered tees and huge hoodies is on-trend, but sometimes as parents, we want our kids to spruce up their style for dressier occasions! So how can you convince your kids to dress up without ditching their personal style or making a fuss? In her latest style video, celebrity stylist Kim Appelt (and her stylish sidekick Aspen) share […]

Tips For Travelling Solo With Kids

Solo Travel With Kids

Guest post by Michelle Kooy, Lawyer, Henderson Heinrichs LLP I’m travelling out of the country with my child during the summer holidays. Is there anything I need to do?  If you’ve recently had an argument with your ex-spouse about travelling with the kids during spring break, you will appreciate the benefits of dealing with the summer arrangements now.  […]

5 Ways To Bask in the Blooms at the Abbotsford Tulip Festival


Spring has sprung and the tulips are finally beginning to bloom! The highly-anticipated Abbotsford Tulip Festival has just announced April 9, 2018 as their soft opening date, and this year’s event promises to be better than ever! Here are 5 ways you can tiptoe through the tulips this Spring. 5 things to do at the Abbotsford […]

Her Health Matters: BC Women’s & Local Businesses Support Women’s Health

Her Health Matters

Did you know that until 1998, women weren’t included in most research and medical trials in Canada? 1998 – that was only 20 years ago! This means that when drugs were created and put into the market to help with women’s health issues, many hadn’t even been tested on the female body before becoming available for sale.  Even […]

Are Your Kids Too Young For Chores? (Spoiler Alert: Nope!)

Kids Chores

Everyone in the family contributes to creating the mess, so why are we as parents so quick to take on the task of tidying it all up on our own? From washing the dishes, to folding the laundry, to vacuuming and sweeping the floors, the household chores should be shared, and if you think your child […]